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Dentsville Youth Baseball/Softball League

All-Star Selection Procedure


Last revised 2/19/2009


1.) The league Vice President will convene the league head coaches (or a designated assistant coach) on a date after the final regular season game but before the local league post season tournament to nominate and select all-star teams for post season play.


2.) The following procedure shall apply to all leagues except T-ball.  T-ball does not select an all-star team. 


A.    Coaches may nominate any player from his/her team who, in their opinion, is worthy of all-star selection.  After all coaches have made their nominations, any coach may nominate players from other teams who have not been previously nominated if desired.  Discussion may be held about any of the nominated players.


B.    The number of players to be selected will be determined by the league vice president with approval by the Executive Board of the league according to the rules of the affiliated league (i.e., Dixie Youth, ASA, etc.)  Presently the number of players to be selected are as follows:


Dixie Coaches Pitch           12                Dixie Youth Minor    12               

Dixie Youth O-Zone           12                Dixie Boys               13

Dixie Pre-Majors                up to 16       Dixie Majors            up to 16

All Softball Leagues           12


N = # of players to be chosen


C.    (Dixie Youth O-Zone with 12 players will be used as an example.)  Coaches will then vote verbally (not by secret ballot) for the designated number of players from paragraph 2B rating them in order with #1 being the top player.  Players will be awarded points as follows:


# 1     1pt.                        #7      7pts

# 2     2pts.                       #8      8pts

# 3     3pts.                       #9      9pts

# 4     4pts.                       #10     10pts

# 5     5pts.                       #11     11pts

# 6     6pts.                       #12     12pts


All players nominated by coaches but not receiving a vote will be awarded N+1 points or 1 point more than the last player (13 for Dixie Youth O-Zone).  The league vice president will then total the points from all coaches.  The players with the fewest points will be selected.


D.    To be selected to the all-star team all players except the last player selected must receive votes from at least two (2) coaches.  The top N-3 players (i.e., 12-3=9 for Dixie Youth O-Zone) will automatically be placed on the all-star team.  The head coach may then select the three (3) remaining players to fill out the team provided that two (2) of the three (3) receive votes from at least two (2) coaches and the other receives at least one (1) vote from a coach.


E.    Dixie Boys will elect two (2) separate all-teams.  One for each of 13 and 14 year old league ages following the procedure stated above.  A 13-year-old player may participate on the 14-year-old all-star team, if elected when all the conditions below have been met:

a.     Approval by a majority of Dixie Boys Head Coaches

b.     Approval of the League VP

c.     Approval of the Board of Directors

d.     Approval of the player’s parent


F.    The head coach must select two (2) all-star assistant coaches, who shall have been head or assistant coaches in the league that year and listed on the official roster form of the team he or she coached.


G.   The head coach must select alternates from the nominated players.  Only the original all-stars will receive medals from the league.  All-star teams and alternates (if desired by the league VP) will be announced at the closing ceremonies of each league.


H.    The head coach of the all-star team will be nominated by the league’s vice president with approval by the Board of Directors of DYB/SL.


I.      Any player chosen to an all-star team who is unable to play will inform the head coach before the first practice.  His or her place will be taken by an alternate determined by the head coach.  If a player drops off the all-star team after practice has begun or after tournament play has begun for any reason other than illness or an extenuating circumstance, then that player will turn in his entire uniform and the all-star medal and may not return to the team or be selected to an all-star team the next year.  An alternate must fill his or her place.


J.     If a player fails to return his or her All-Star uniform to the league, then that player may not be selected to an all-star team the next year.  


3.)  No player or coach shall be discriminated against in the all-star selection process due to race, creed, color or sex.


4.) The league vice president has the authority to disqualify a coach’s vote on all-stars if he/she feels the vote is improper.  If this is done the coach will be required to revote.


5.)  The head coach of each all-star team will be nominated by the league vice-president and approved by the league Board of Directors at a time designated by the Board of Directors, incorporating the following:


A.    In the event that Board of Directors does not approve the first nominee of the league vice-president, the league vice-president shall present a second nominee at the same meeting.

B.    The assistant coaches for the all-star team will be selected by the head coach subject to the approval of the league vice-president.  Any assistant coach who is also a member of the Board of Directors must be approved by the Board of Directors.

C.    At a time prior to the start of the season, the vice-president of each league will meet with the league head coaches to discuss and/or distribute the procedures and criteria for selection of all-star coaches.

D.    At a time after the middle of the regular season, the vice-president shall call a meeting of the league head coaches.  In addition to the vice-president and either the President or Executive Vice-president of the League, at least one other member of the Board of Directors shall attend the meeting.  Any Board member may attend the meeting unless s/he has a conflict of interest in the meeting.  No other persons are permitted to attend the meeting unless approved by the Board prior to meeting.

a.     If a majority of the league head coaches or the required Board members are not present, the meeting will be re-scheduled.

b.     The purpose of the meeting is to review the rules and regulations pertaining to the selection of the all-star head coach and assistant coaches.

c.     The vice-president will specify that the head coach of the regular season winning team might not be nominated by the vice-president to become head coach of the all-star team.  The vice-president will also specify the criteria that he/she is considering toward selecting a nominee.  This information will be communicated to the league head coaches in verbal and written form.

d.     At the meeting, the vice-president will request from the league head coaches the names of coaches that they collectively recommend be considered for all-star head coach.

e.     The league vice-president shall report to the Board of Directors the outcomes of the meeting at the next scheduled or called Board meeting.

E.    If, after the meeting stipulated in section 5D above, the participants do not derive a clear consensus on the all-star coach to be nominated, then the vice-president shall call another meeting that is to be the same as described section 5D above.  This meeting will be held prior to the end of the post-season tournament.

F.    Any head coach in the league may appear before the Board of Directors and address the Board concerning the nomination made by the league vice-president prior to the all-star coach’s approval by the Board.


6.)      All all-star coaches, head and assistant, are expected to maintain proper decorum and behave in a manner acceptable by the Board of Directors.  Any coach, head or assistant, may be censured or removed from his/her all-star coaching position at any time upon recommendation of the league vice-president and approval of the Board of Directors.  Required behaviors of all-star coaches include but are not limited to the following:


A.    All-star coaches are expected to conduct themselves ethically at all times.  Coaches will maintain decorum on and off the field in a manner that represents the sportsmanship and integrity expected by the league;

B.    In all actions and decisions, coaches shall not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, or any other inappropriate criterion;

C.    Coaches shall not use alcohol, tobacco, or illicit drugs in the presence of players, nor shall they appear before all-star players, coaches, or their families while under the influence of these substances;

D.    Coaches shall not use profanity, racial epitaphs, or ethnic slurs in the presence of or in reference to all-star players or their families;

E.    Coaches shall not violate the policies, rules, or regulations of any facility or league;

F.    Coaches shall not shout at or use large gestures toward players or other participants in a manner that indicates dissatisfaction or negative reaction (this does not prevent a coach from shouting directions or encouragement to his players or coaches, and it does not prevent a coach from discussing matters with coaches, tournament officials, umpires, or other officials);

G.   Coaches shall not berate or publicly criticize any players, coaches, or league officials;

7.)  A player electing to play up in any league, will be eligible for all-stars in the league in which he/she is playing up to.               Players WILL NOT be considered for all-stars in the lower league for which they are age eligible for but did not play in during the regular season.



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