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Dentsville Youth

Baseball - Softball League


Parents and Fans Code of Ethics:


bulletImmediately communicate any safety concerns to coaches and officials.


bulletEncourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support for all players, coaches and officials at every game, practice and event.


bulletPlace the emotional and physical well-being of players first.


bulletAssist players with time management to allow for maximum possible participation in team scheduled events and notify coaches if they cannot attend.


bulletEnsure players are properly rested and prepared for the team event prior to their arrival at the park.


- During League Events -


bulletTreat everyone present with the proper respect.


bulletRefrain from the use of profanities, threatening and/or abusive language.


bulletAvoid any hostile or angry behavior at all times.


bulletRefrain from criticism of the officiating. (Allow coaches to discuss rules and calls without interference)


bulletAvoid public criticism of coaches or coaching decisions. (use private meetings for a more constructive discussion)


bulletI will remember that the game is for youth not adults.


I agree that I will comply with the above Parents Code of Ethics and that I will also assume responsibility for any family members or invited guests.


I recognize that failure to do so can result in removal from league facilities.



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